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Podcast #1: Cooperative Games

The first Games with Garfield podcast is like your first glass of scotch; a little rough at first but then it smoothes out and eventually you just can’t get enough. A touch of tabletop industry news is followed by a rousing discussion of Dungeons & Dragons as a cooperative game. The conversation evolves into a detailed examination of cooperative games. Join game designers Tyler Bielman, Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield as they dig into concepts like time pressure, team dynamics and the always enigmatic “fuzz-o-rama” communication rules.

LINKS FROM THE NEWS: Yu-Gi-Oh | Huntik Tutorial | Battle Spirits | DuelMasters | Fight Klub

LINKS FROM THE SHOW: Dungeons & Dragons | Shadows over Camelot | Pandemic | Arkham Horror (referred to as Call of Cthulhu) | World of Warcraft | Schizoid | Break the Safe | Werewolf / Mafia | Battlestar Galactica