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Podcast #15: Marc LeBlanc

This week, Richard, Skaff and Jessica chat with Marc LeBlanc, a video game designer and educator.  Marc talks about the games he’s worked on and his framework for analyzing game design.

LINKS: Oasis | Mind Control Software | 8 Kinds of Fun


Special thanks to our audio engineer, Javier Garavito.


Podcast #13: Puzzle Hunts

Surprise!  Skaff and Richard introduce the new host of the Games With Garfield podcast, Jessica Price, and everyone muses on how to fix puzzle hunts.

LINKS: MIT Mystery Hunt | Microsoft Puzzle Hunt



Podcast #8: James Ernest

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties beyond our understanding, the audio quality of this podcast is not up to our usual high standards. We’ve elected to post the podcast despite the slight audio problems and we hope you can enjoy the show.

A special guest joins the podcast as James Ernest discusses Cheapass Games, poker and the wonders of self-publishing. Usual suspects Tyler Bielman, Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield question the prolific designer about his amazing portfolio of games and the processes that went into them. It’s an in-depth look into both design and production this week on the show.

Oh, and check out this link to James’ comic: Brian and John

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