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Podcast #17: Steve Jackson

MicrogamesAs PAX Seattle wrapped up Labor Day weekend, Steve Jackson paid us a late night visit to chat about games and his career.

Responsible for such classics as Munchkin, Car Wars, GURPS, Illuminati, OGRE, and countless others, Steve has had a profound effect on the gaming industry, his fellow designers, and the public.

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Podcast #16: Jason Bulmahn

Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder RPG, which extends and modifies the rules of the 3.5 edition of D&D, has continued to grow in popularity since it started its open playtest in March 2008. In this episode of Games With Garfield, Jessica, Richard, and Skaff – who have all participated in Pathfinder campaigns with Paizo owners Lisa Stevens and Victor Wertz – interview Jason Bulmahn, Paizo’s Lead Designer.

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So You Want to be a Rock Star

Fancy cars, late night parties, gold necklaces. Who doesn’t want that life? However, you have your mind set on becoming a game designer. No worries. There is still hope.

There are several paths to stardom available. The first is to develop an amazingly innovative game and get lucky enough to have someone see it that has enough faith and resources to run with it. If you set out on this path, be advised that it can take many years and your chance of success is fairly small. A more realistic path, but much less glamorous, is to work your way up in the industry. But before I go into that, let me enlighten you on what the final prize looks like.

Most readers of this column have played Dungeons and Dragons at some point and are familiar with the various publications. One of my old favorites was a book called Deities and Demigods. A Demigod is basically a god for a very small group of followers without a whole lot in the way of real powers. In the field of game design, the term sometimes thrown around is demi-famous. I heard the term first from a discussion by Monte Cook, a noted RPG professional, but the term probably goes back before that. It basically describes a person who is famous in a very limited circle, but generally unknown outside of that circle. Gary Gygax and Sid Meier would probably be good examples. Telling if someone is in this category is fairly easy.

Podcast #11: Balance

The most recent edition of the Games With Garfield podcast walks the tightrope between love and hate as the guys take on the touchy topic of Balance. Join game designers Tyler Bielman, Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield as they discuss negative feedback loops, Super-Scissors and tons more about the Magic Spreadsheet.

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Podcast #10: The Ding

Level up with game designers Tyler Bielman, Richard Garfield and Skaff Elias as they discuss the Ding. Is this podcast skill-based? Why are undead the only real enemy? When is persistent chunkiness a good thing? And how is karate like frequent flier miles ? Listen now and feel yourself get more powerful in one quick session as Games with Garfield gets down with the Ding!

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