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Happy Holidays

My copious audience will notice a failure to post a new Game Glimpse – which is technically a violation of my reader/writer agreement. I actually HAD one made (on Magical Athlete), but … I failed to hand it off to my webmaster and so here we are.

In the mean time we are playing many games this holiday – including Dixit, Word on the Street, Through the Ages, Innovation, Settler’s of Catan, Spite and Malice, Creights, Liar’s Dice, Party Playoff (a very peculiar game), and 7 Wonders.

Expect a Glimpse of Magical Athlete next week – and we wish you a happy and game filled holiday!

Richard Garfield

Game Glimpse #4: Dice Town

Dice TownWelcome to Dice Town, the city of luck and prosperity! Here, we admire the Brave and Love Winners; especially those willing to bet their future on a dice roll! Opportunities are everywhere in our proud town: you find gold nuggets knee deep in the mine, the bank has too many dollars and the mayor is a quick dealer when it comes to handing out Property Claims. Well Partner, if you haven’t got weights on your feet and aren’t afraid of taking a little lead in your body, this is your chance to stake your claim or leave the table!!!

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The Social Nutwork

I have a particularly addictive personality when it comes to computer games. When the Infocom games like Zork first came out, I spent hours on my Commodore 64 plugging away at them to solve their mindless mysteries. I was addicted to several of the Ultima series and even a few of the early primitive online RPGs like Nethack and Angband. When the MMORPG rage started, I was addicted to Ultima Online, then Everquest, then Dark Age of Camelot, then World of Warcraft. However, I have an unusual on/off switch for these games. I can be playing the game nonstop for weeks, and then suddenly quit and never play the particular game again. If I could figure out why I stop cold turkey on these games, I could probably get some decent work as a consultant on MMO projects, but I really don’t know the answer.

One of the big crazes these days is Facebook games. I personally have never been sucked into Facebook, although I did really enjoy the South Park episode that spoofed both Facebook and Tron. I check Facebook mostly to see what people are up to. When I used to work at Wizards, there was a gossip network and if you were within earshot of Mark Rosewater (head Magic designer and former writer for some sitcom I’ll remember later), you were occasionally kept up to date of various goings-on at your company, other companies, and picked up tidbits on what former employees were doing every now and then. Sadly, Mark has been rendered obsolete by modern technology in this area (although it will take many, many years for computers to replace his design skills.)

Game Glimpse #3: Word On The Street

WordOnTheStreetThe Hilarious Tug of Words! On each turn, one team flips over a category card. Team members frantically brainstorm words that fit the category while the opposition tries to sidetrack them. The team must agree on a word and pull each letter of that word one lane closer to their side of the street, all before the time runs out. Word on the Street will have you in the fast lane to fun!

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Game Glimpse #2: Dixit

DixitIn Dixit, each player takes a turn as a storyteller. On a given player’s turn, he or she selects a picture card from his or her hand. Then, that player says aloud a sentence or a word connected to his or her picture. Every other player then selects a picture from his or her own hand that most closely matches. All players then place their cards, face down, in the center. The cards are shuffled then revealed to all. Players finally have to choose whose card they think is the storyteller’s!

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