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Podcast #8: James Ernest

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties beyond our understanding, the audio quality of this podcast is not up to our usual high standards. We’ve elected to post the podcast despite the slight audio problems and we hope you can enjoy the show.

A special guest joins the podcast as James Ernest discusses Cheapass Games, poker and the wonders of self-publishing. Usual suspects Tyler Bielman, Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield question the prolific designer about his amazing portfolio of games and the processes that went into them. It’s an in-depth look into both design and production this week on the show.

Oh, and check out this link to James’ comic: Brian and John

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Chainmail Bikinis

Even if you have not read any of my posts before and even if you have no idea who I am, there is no way that you visited this site, saw this title, and did not at least read a few lines to see what it was about. I mean, there could be pictures, right? Welcome and apologies to those of you who found this article through a Google search on “bikini”, because there are in fact no pictures and this is an article on gaming.

Fantasy is hands down the most popular IP for both RPGs and MMORPGs. It is not even close. An old tracking site (sadly not updating these days) showed in 2008 that fantasy accounted for 94.2 percent of the market share by users. Even if you exclude the WOW juggernaut, which accounts for about two-thirds of the market share, fantasy still accounts for over 80 percent of the market share. EVE, which is a very good execution for a sci-fi game and a personal favorite, is one of the top non-fantasy games but had only a 1.5 percent market share in the data analysis. Even popular IPs such as Star Wars and the Matrix have not put a dent in the fantasy genre MMORPG armor. Comic book IPs, which are kind a modern fantasy genre, also account for only a fraction of the total MMO market.