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Interview on a Three Donkeys Project

This interview might interest folks that are reading this blog:


Podcast #7: Scrabble

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties beyond our understanding, the audio quality of this podcast is not up to our usual high standards. We’ve elected to post the podcast despite the slight audio problems and we hope you can enjoy the show.

Word freaks rejoice! For the first time, Games With Garfield is doing a podcast devoted to a single game. And the name of the game is Scrabble! Join game designers Tyler Bielman, Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield as they sift their way through the history, variants and yes, even “Garfield Garbage.” Join us for a celebration of the world’s favorite word game.

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EMAIL: info@threedonkeys.com


Pecking Order Endnotes


Pecking Order is a game I developed originally for a standard deck of cards, and later augmented a bit for publication with Winning Moves. The inspiration for the game came from watching birds jockey for perches – I would watch them approach and sometimes dislodge the other bird, and sometime fail to dislodge the other bird. I imagined that it wasn’t really known which bird was higher in the pecking order until this challenge took place … and that is the basis for the game.

The original game as played with a deck of cards is as follows:
Two players each take a suit – one diamonds and one hearts. The spades are placed up on the table in order. The clubs are set aside. Each player shuffles their deck of 13 cards. Choose who goes first then play alternates.