Podcast #21: PAX Dev (REPOST)

PAX Dev—REPOST—Apologies to those of you who get this podcast again. We’ve been having some problems with iTunes posting so we’re hoping the repost fixes this issue. Thanks for your understanding.
On August 24th in Seattle, PAX branches out and dedicates two days to the developer community for the craft that is game making. Casey Muratori, programmer with RAD Game Tools, discusses the convention and potential topics with Jessica, Richard, and Skaff.

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  1. First of all, Jessica is always the one who kills your PG rating. You could be having a perfectly mature conversation with Jason Kapalka, he mentions that the game design uses balls, and she starts giggling. Then covers by claiming the guys were going to say something. But she’s the one actually doubling the entendre.

    (Actually, “Double the Entendre” sounds like an intriguing name for a game.)

    I think the logical extension of Skaff’s idea is obvious: hidden cameras. Get game designers drunk and ask them leading questions “off the record.” That fills the requirement that they’re uninhibited and don’t know they’re going to be panelists.

    But I take a little issue with his requirement on opinion sources, or at least the way he phrased it. Personally, I think I’m capable of evaluating a statement based on its own merit. Once I’ve heard it, knowing who it’s from doesn’t sway me. Now certainly the name helps me filter inputs. (I don’t listen to every game podcast ,but do follow Three Donkeys.)

    But if I hear a critique of FPSs it either makes sense or it doesn’t. I don’t need to re-weight it for Sid Meier, John Carmack, Shigeru Miyamoto, or Richard Garfield. Or for that matter, John Smith, random user.

  2. Jessica,

    Hmm, Amarsir, I think Javier must be editing these to make me look like the villain, since I’m usually the *last* to pick up on innuendo…

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