Game Glimpse #11: Classic Game 1

Classic Game 1In the first of a series of Classic Game Reviews, Richard challenges himself and his audience by tackling one of his personal favorite games. Although it’s no secret of this game’s profound effect on Richard’s design career, he continues to champion the recent innovations in its strategies and its relevance in modern culture.
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  1. Xavier Rodriguez,

    Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

  2. Mellowcow,

    Wow, I never thought about the origins of TicTacToe.
    It’s surprising that such a simplistic game is barely 100 years old and also that there’s actually one person behind it who conciously invented/unified it. I would have thought it to be a group effort over several generations similar to fairy tales.

    Keep droning!

    (On a side note, is there any slim chance you might appear on the MTGCast interview series “The Men of Magic”? I know you’re a busy man, but it would really validate the whole effort.)

  3. DarkLordChuckles,

    You might enjoy this comic, first thing i thought of when listening to the cast: – who needs a computer when you have a map like that :-)

  4. Robin Russell,

    Well played sir. Well played.

  5. Christopher Hilton,


  6. Dan,

    I hate the extra letter expansions. Js are way overpowered!!

  7. Mike,

    Profoundly executed. I very much enjoyed this one.

  8. My iTunes queue and sync process meant I listened to this a few days later, so it wasn’t immediately obvious what you were doing. Not until the “Naughts and Crosses” competitor did I go “Really? Oh wait…”

    Nicely done.

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