Game Glimpse #10: Shadow Hunters

Shadow HuntersIdentify!
You are a Shadow, a creature of the night, or a Hunter, a human whose job is to destroy supernatural creatures, or a civilian, a normal human just caught in the middle of this ancient battle. But your identity remains secret until someone outs you through your actions and through Hermit cards or you reveal yourself to use your special ability. The key to victory is to identify your allies and enemies early.

Once your identity is revealed, your enemies will attack without impunity using their special abilities like Demolish, Teleport, and Suck Blood or equipment cards such as the Rusty Broad Ax or Fortune Brooch. This ancient battle comes to a head and only one group will stand victorious – or a civilian, in the right circumstances, might claim victory.
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  1. Howdy Richard,

    I enjoyed this review, but I’m curious what you meant by “politics”, which you mentioned a few times as something you don’t like in games like this (and which “Shadow Hunters” doesn’t have). My best guess is that you meant it as something like “player actions not strictly motivated by game rules,” but I’m not certain. Could you provide a little more detail?

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the question – I sometimes assume a common vocabulary where in fact I use a lot of words in my own way. Shane did get it right though in his comment. A good sign that there is politics in your game is when people whine about being picked on. I tend to like games with less politics but I am flexible – and many people like politics – so I often have to check myself when I make blanket statements against it.

      You can definitely pick on people in Shadow Hunters, but since they might be a teammate it has a risk attached to it – in our group at least there was very little feel of arbitrary teaming up.


  2. Eoin,

    Hey. Love all the casts, and these new “Game Glimpse” bits. I hope though, that the Game Glimpse has not replaced the Three Donkeys Podcast. The Three Donkeys ‘cast was always so exciting to see pop up in my queue, because of its general interesting content and tangents, reinforced by the irregularity of its release. The Game Glimpse is good, though, and it is nice to find out about new games (I can’t wait for the new release of Catacombs).

    Any plans to talk about the Spectromancer expansion and the new drafting/custom deck modes? Any hope of expanding drafting to the multiplayer server?

    Keep it up guys! I see the sparse comments, but I can assure you that you have a plethora of listeners. I found out about you guys after the second or third episode (or fourth?) of The Three Donkeys Podcast, and have listened to every subsequent episode as soon as it was released. I am sure there are easily a couple thousand of other people whose hearts go aflutter when they open google listen and see new content.

    So, thanks!

    • Hey – We really really intend to do more general podcasts, but have failed so far. I was going to PROMISE next week, but I am afraid I won’t give my word since in all likelyhood it is only 75%.

      We will definitely be talking about the Spectromancer expansion – if not in the next podcast, an upcoming one. We do intend to expand the drafting to the multiplayer server – which I look forward to!

  3. Shane DeSeranno,

    I think he means game based politics. Some games are heavy in them. Diplomacy is really full of it. The entire game is politics based. “You help me, and I’ll help you.”

    Other games like Farkle have no politics and the entire game is about rolling dice.

    While I do like some politics, games that are heavy in them can be very draining.

    • Yes, this is what I mean. High interaction games tend to breed politics, though not always. Poker is very interactive but it isn’t political. But games which people ‘pick on the leader’ always have a political element. Although I enjoy political games now and then – one of my problems with them is that it often matters less how you play, since getting into ‘first’ simply means being picked on, so everyone kinda stays in the same place until someone jumps out and wins at the end.

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