Game Glimpse #5: Magical Athlete

Magical AthleteIt is the annual athletic festival in a fantasy world. The most popular event in this festival is the team foot race, with fantasy and mythological creatures participating in this race, such as the Siren, Witch, Centaur and many others. Who will win this year’s festival?

In Magical Athlete, first you draft a team of runners. Then you race them. Each creature can only run in one race. Each creature also has a unique power – so no two races are the same! The player with the most points after all the races are done wins.

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  1. Wheel_of_Armageddon,

    Hey, Schuyler’s favorite game! Nice to find out a little more about it. I’ll definitely give it a shot with my family. Since it was originally designed by a Japanese designer maybe I can find both versions :) .

    I’m really enjoying this series since discovering it over at mtgcast.Thanks for the review!

    -Glenn (in Japan)

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