Happy Holidays

My copious audience will notice a failure to post a new Game Glimpse – which is technically a violation of my reader/writer agreement. I actually HAD one made (on Magical Athlete), but … I failed to hand it off to my webmaster and so here we are.

In the mean time we are playing many games this holiday – including Dixit, Word on the Street, Through the Ages, Innovation, Settler’s of Catan, Spite and Malice, Creights, Liar’s Dice, Party Playoff (a very peculiar game), and 7 Wonders.

Expect a Glimpse of Magical Athlete next week – and we wish you a happy and game filled holiday!

Richard Garfield


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  1. It’s alright Richard. Enjoy your holiday!

    I love your podcast and look forward to the Game Glimpse for new inspiration for our gaming group. That said, everyone needs a break, enjoy the games with your kids. You’ve earned it!

  2. Chris Proctor,

    Hey Richard, I’m loving the new game glimpses.
    One suggestion though: I find the volume changes in the Game Glimpses in particular painful – you speak fairly softly, and the guitar rifts are really loud. It’d be great if you could equalise them a bit!

  3. Thanks, I’ll try to fix that!

  4. Chris Proctor,

    Much easier on the ears now, thanks Richard.

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