Podcast #19: Jason Kapalka

Popcap’s Co-founder and Creative Director, Jason Kapalka, stops by Games With Garfield HQ for a very special DOUBLE episode. Richard, Skaff, and Jessica spend over an hour talking with Jason about:

1. Older, Current, and Future Popcap games,
2. Popcap’s methods for creating and designing games,
3. Popcap’s entry into the Asian market,
4. Narrative/Plot vs. Character/Story in games,
5. What constitutes depth in games,
6. Views on the state of social gaming, and
7. Balls.

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  1. JeanMichelVilain,

    It’s always a delight to listen to your podcasts. Thank you all, Popcap creative direction was such a good choice for an interview. They’ve understood a lot more than they seem at Popcap.

  2. This cast was so good I’ve listened to it 4 times and still keep it handy for more.

  3. Chris,

    Thanks for the show! I recently discovered this podcast and have listened to all of them over the last month. I enjoy the Game Glimpse episodes, but I hope you are also able to get back to the three person round tables and guest interviews as well.

  4. PiiSmith,

    Civilization is one of the best board games I know. It’s kind of disappointing to hear “you” (the woman) say thats it’s tedious. Actually it’s so easy thats one of the few games that Hasbro publishing from the old Avalon Hill collection.

    • I believe Jessica was offering her opinion (“tedious”) in regards to the Eagle Games version of Civilization (2002) — and not any of the other 3 versions of the game: the AH versions (1980′s Civilization and 1991′s Advanced Civilization) nor the FFG version from 2010.

  5. PiiSmith, I’m curious as to what my being female has to do with my not liking the game, as well as what being easy (or not) has to do with being tedious.

    Very curious.

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