Podcast #15: Marc LeBlanc

This week, Richard, Skaff and Jessica chat with Marc LeBlanc, a video game designer and educator.  Marc talks about the games he’s worked on and his framework for analyzing game design.

LINKS: Oasis | Mind Control Software | 8 Kinds of Fun

EMAIL: info@threedonkeys.com

Special thanks to our audio engineer, Javier Garavito.



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  1. Wow, this was obviously a really fast turnaround for the podcast. I thought you had a lead time more like 3.5 years. I’m going to choose to credit Jessica for that.

    My podcast listening habits have changed, making it less convenient to comment after listening, so I don’t think I responded to the last few podcasts. But they’re continually great, this one too. I could stand a whole podcast on MDA, but I’ll settle for going to Marc’s site. (Which by the way totally does work if you spell out the eight, making me wonder if specifying that was a clever trick to get Jessica to repeat it thirty times.)

    By the way, this “guy named Javier” at your D&D games, wouldn’t happen to be the same Javier you’re using as audio engineer, would he? :)

    Thanks for the comments Amarsir,

    That would be the same Javier, much more reliable as an audio engineer (and general technical “go to” person, and friend) than party member in a role playing game. Or in fact, teammate in a cooperative game like Shadows over Camelot.


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