Podcast #13: Puzzle Hunts

Surprise!  Skaff and Richard introduce the new host of the Games With Garfield podcast, Jessica Price, and everyone muses on how to fix puzzle hunts.

LINKS: MIT Mystery Hunt | Microsoft Puzzle Hunt

EMAIL: info@threedonkeys.com



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  1. Willi B,

    Interesting discussion! I only recently tried the puzzle hunt category and found that the information was found to be too specialized or more about internet searching than what I wanted. I really don’t have a lot of desire to bring internet search devices to games.

    I would prefer physical puzzles (jigsaw, etc.) or clever riddles than obscure references and wikipedia reading in a game.

    Good advice to offer timed hints. This would probably be more playable to me.

    The egos could learn a lot from the TV show ‘Survivor’ and their puzzles if they want a broader audience. They don’t have to be physically exerting but the hands-on manipulation of jigsaws and knot puzzles hold a wider appeal to me.

    REQUEST: Please up the volume. I can barely hear the podcast and the new host made me struggle for every word!


  2. Carl,

    Please fix the volume.
    Thank you

  3. I’m running something like a “canned puzzlehunt” at http://www.2tonegame.org/ . (Don’t get too excited, northern people: to solve some of the puzzles, you need to be in San Francisco.) I’m used to participating in live games. On the one hand, the “canned” game is nice to run because more people get a chance to play. But I miss the human interaction; schmoozing with teams is fun, and there hasn’t been much of that.

  4. Peter Sarrett,

    Skaff mentioned a desire for canned puzzle hunts you can solve at your own pace, on your own schedule. Poof! Your wish has been granted: http://www.pandamagazine.com.
    Thanks Peter, I had a friend invite me to a panda party a couple days after we recorded this, it is indeed exactly what we were talking about. I recommend panda to any listener that is interested in these hunts


  5. Ting,

    Hey guys, just want to praise the mic/audio system used in this podcast. It’s very good. I had my headphones on, and I thought I actually didn’t plug it in, coz the sound seemed like it came from external sources!

  6. As others have noted, there are some audio problems with this episode. First, it’s very quiet; I had to max out my iPhone to make it all out, not something I usually need to do with podcasts. Second, the strong stereo separation (Elias and Garfield left, Price right) was distracting. Instead of sounding like they were talking right in front of me, it felt like they were to either side of me, talking into either ear. A bit of stereo separation is nice, but I think you need a lot more bleed between the two channels.

    The content itself was, as always, interesting. I look forward to the next episode. Thanks for creating it!

  7. Thanks all for the comments on the audio. We switched technical folks and have to relearn some things, this podcast will be cleaned up and with any luck future ones won’t have these problems.

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