Podcast #10: The Ding

Level up with game designers Tyler Bielman, Richard Garfield and Skaff Elias as they discuss the Ding. Is this podcast skill-based? Why are undead the only real enemy? When is persistent chunkiness a good thing? And how is karate like frequent flier miles ? Listen now and feel yourself get more powerful in one quick session as Games with Garfield gets down with the Ding!

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  1. Facebook seems to be nothing but an online add for linked sites, which grab your personal info. If I see another “here’s a pig” or a damn chicken coop, or joinn my gang, I am going postal!

  2. I am so tempted to delete everyone who plays this stuff..it consumes my whole page and I am sure I miss updates I really care about…you should be able to turn off all updates from games..

  3. Wow… I had never considered leveling to be a purely psychological endeavor. In my MMO of choice, I had always puzzled over multiple ranks of the same spell. It felt weird that I would have to prioritize spells differently from level to level – particularly given that leveling is philosophically considered a learning process.

    Personally, I tend to like smooth gradations of power, but I think that’s because it simplifies the game theory in my head. That said, i do like UNLOCKING new things; that is the sort of thing that pushes me to ding.

    I guess I just don’t like “unlocking” things I supposedly have already.

  4. Thanks for the cool podcast. There’s trouble downloading through itunes though. episodes 3 through 10 say they can’t find the episode on the server.

  5. Jim,

    Yeah, I can’t figure out how to download podcasts 3-10.

    Also, you can block all notifications from certain games on Facebook. Just go to your feed and click on the Hide button on the offending post. You can then hide all notifications from that game.

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