Podcast #8: James Ernest

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties beyond our understanding, the audio quality of this podcast is not up to our usual high standards. We’ve elected to post the podcast despite the slight audio problems and we hope you can enjoy the show.

A special guest joins the podcast as James Ernest discusses Cheapass Games, poker and the wonders of self-publishing. Usual suspects Tyler Bielman, Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield question the prolific designer about his amazing portfolio of games and the processes that went into them. It’s an in-depth look into both design and production this week on the show.

Oh, and check out this link to James’ comic: Brian and John

LINKS: Cheapass Games | Button Men for iPhone | Kill Doctor Lucky | Wizards of the Coast | Mtg-L| Reality Twist | XXXenophile | Cheapass big list of games | Essen | Diceland | Falling extra cards | Lunch Money | Icehouse | Sealtest ice cream | Before I kill you Mr. Bond | James Ernest’s Totally Renamed Spy Game | Martin Wallace’s Totally Renamed Train Game | Carbonated Games | Amazing Society | Marvel Super Hero Squad MMO | Mayfair Games (publisher of the forthcoming “Dust and Sin” board game) | Contact Juggling | Game Table Online | Dominion | Agricola | Stonehenge | The Art of Texas Hold’em | Dealer’s Choice | Rules of Play

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  1. Willi B,

    Only game on a deserted island is a bit much to say Poker… 1) because I’m pretty sure you are letting Poker be a catch-all for an entire family of games, and 2) if it’s deserted shouldn’t you consider a solitaire game? Maybe an old school Avalon Hill game or one of those long war campaigns I never have time for. :)

    Thanks for the site and podcasts.

  2. I really enjoyed this podcast. I mean I like them all, but … you know …

    I listened twice already and am keeping it queued up for a third.

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