Interview on a Three Donkeys Project

This interview might interest folks that are reading this blog:


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  1. MikeElliott,

    I found the picture of Richard quite shocking. In the picture, Richard looks the same as he did back in 1994. Either it is a recent picture and Richard doesn’t age because he is a vampire, or noone has been able to take a picture of him since 1994 since he can’t be photographed because he is a vampire. I really don’t see any other logical conclusion.

  2. Randy’s picture didn’t look super up-to-date either, but a headshot is a headshot as far as I’m concerned. Though I also like the vampire theory.

    Also, since I’m dying of curiosity, you guys announce a turn-based strategy game and then WotC/Sony does right after? Are we to shrug and say “my, what a coincidence?”

  3. Mellowcow,

    I think I saw that photograph around 1997 when I started playing, sooo…not really up to date. The painting on the Unhinged card seems to be based on it.
    This still doesn’t invalidate the vampire theory and recently vampires have become a real tribe in Magic. Pure coincidence? Discuss or not.

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