Podcast #2: Variations in Game Setup

Listen in on game designers Tyler Bielman, Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield as they talk about the many differences between games that have the same setup every time (like chess) versus games where the setup changes vastly from game to game (like Magic: The Gathering). But how do “meta-rules” develop for games with this much difference from session to session? And what about Tiger Woods playing miniature golf? Tune in for answers to these questions as the second Games with Garfield podcast rolls out.

LINKS: Settlers of Catan | Cosmic Encounter | Dominion | “Damn 7” t-shirts | Historical miniatures games | Race for the Galaxy | Agricola | Chainmail | Dungeons and Dragons | Magic: The Gathering | Civilization | Spectromancer

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  1. That was fun guys–thanks!

    Richard is pronouncing “agricola” correctly, and it means “farmer” in Latin. However, the people who live in Agricola, Florida pronounce it the other way.

  2. y4,

    I found out that Dominion was created by Donald X. I used to know him, and even played some games he created way, way back in ’95 or so. It’s just a cool fact to know he’s still out there creating games and being quite successful.

  3. Gavin Verhey,

    Excellent podcast. I look forward to listening to future episodes. Receiving insights on game and game design from such interesting and experienced people is a rare treat.

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